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        2. OVERVIEW


          Are you looking for a full service supplier who provides everything from prototype tooling to finished production tooling? Then look no further. Hercules Machine Tool & Die has 140,000 square feet of in-house facilities for all your needs. We offer you state-of-the-art technology and equipment as well as the experienced crew necessary to drive your production tooling needs. You can depend on us for:


          • Die Engineering
          • N/C Programming
          • N/C Machining
          • Die Construction
          • Die Tryout (up to 200" die length)
          • Engineering Change Incorporation
          • Quick Turnaround Die Repair


          Our sister facilities, Positive Industries and American Laser, supply additional services which complement Hercules' offerings. When you need their services, we seamlessly bundle them into your project. Hercules Machine Tool & Die is truly a one-stop shop.


          • Proof Tooling (production intent)
          • Prototype Tooling
          • Prototype Parts and Assemblies
          • Flat Blank Laser Cutting (3 axis)
          • 5 Axis Laser Cutting


          As a major supplier to the automotive industry for over six decades, we are dedicated to making your job easier by offering complete program responsibility. We take on tough jobs and offer honest assessments of your project's feasibility. You can rely on us for engineering change-incorporating services as well as quick turnaround die repair.

          Our Class "A" outer surface body panel dies and accompanying inner assembly production tooling are world class.

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