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        2. DIE TRYOUT


          Constant Quality Checks for Superior Production

          Inspectors at Hercules Machine Tool & Die assess quality through visual inspection and computer methods. They take data, translate it and then communicate directly with the die tryout department. Ongoing communication means the necessary corrections are always made on a timely basis. Our new spotting press enables us to fit dies with the accuracy required to simulate production intent. During the tryout phase, sample panels are scrutinized in our custom white room. Panel surfaces are oiled for visual inspection and checks are made for surface imperfections. We cross check quality at every turn in the die production process. We tryout:


          • Blank Dies
          • Draw Dies
          • Trim and Pierce Dies
          • Restrike Dies
          • Flange Dies
          • Transfer Dies
          • Cam and Ariel Dies


          Our presses accommodate die sizes up to 200". Spotting press tonnage to 900 tons. Straight side presses up to 4000 tons and toggles to 2000 tons. See equipment list

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